Sweet Cottage in the Hamptons

Found this tiny beach house on the web.  It’s  in the Hamptons, NY and is a 2 bedroom and two bath…total area is 930 square feet.  The property sits on  a marsh grass-bordered creek!  It’s been really nicely renovated from what I could piece together from following it around the web…not for sale or rent as far as I know…just a really cute little house I wanted to share with you. Take a peek!  For more information…please visit Coastal Living

1Tiny Beach House in the Hamptons

The house sits on a marsh grass bordered creek…wonderful curb appeal!


Tiny Beach House in the Hamptons

Love the small sectional, high ceilings and bank of windows…lots of natural light!


2Tiny Beach House in the Hamptons

Nice compact kitchen with everything you need;the white makes it seem larger…

3Tiny Beach House in the Hamptons

Great headboard and the cream and blue hues makes this a wonderful and relaxing bedroom

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