Southern Cottage by Brandon Ingram


How sweet is this cottage?  I would live most of my life on this wonderful front porch!  This 800 square foot cottage is located right outside of Tallahassee, Florida.  It was designed by architect Brandon Ingram whose primary themes for his design were extreme efficiency and very southern.  Local ordinance dictated that, as a guest house on a large acre property, the structure itself could be no larger than 800 square feet and because of the rolling acreage surrounding the property, it needed to have that unique southern style!

Take a peek…I think you’d agree Brandon Ingram did an amazing job!

2494501_Brand_179 1

Love the blue ceiling!


Love the open floor plan, cozy living room, dining table that doubles as a prep space, and how about that lovely fireplace?!


Great cabinetry…a way to add plenty of storage to a small space without making it look cluttered..


I love the shutters!  Makes the bedroom look open and airy…


Sweet little writing nook!

2494501_Brand_225 1

Another great porch in the back of the house!

2494501_Brand_180 1

It’s like having an extra room!  To read, write, or simply “be”…

For more information about this lovely cottage, please visit:

12 thoughts on “Southern Cottage by Brandon Ingram

  1. My sons want to build me a home out by them to retire in. This is the house I want. I would like to see the floor plan before I order. Perfect size for me. Not a lot to have to heat and cool.


  2. Zurdesigns…the floor plans you are referring to are for the “Laurel Cottage”, not the “White Oak Cottage”. I am unable to locate the floor plans for the latter anywhere.


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