Beach Bungalow in Portsmouth Rhode Island

Well, the days are finally getting warmer and my mind wanders to the beach!  So I thought I’d share a beach cottage with you today…located in the state where I was born…Rhode Island.  This particular cozy bungalow is approximately 900 square feet and is located in Portsmouth, which is about 37 miles southeast from Newport.

The cottage was designed by  Ronald F. DiMauro Architects and wow, did they do a wonderful job!  Love the high ceilings and great use of natural light; it gives the whole bungalow a light and airy feel!  Take a peek!  What a great place to spend summers and holidays!  I think I’d make one of the bedrooms into a master but other than that…a perfect place for me!


Great view of the water; love the outdoor shower!


Clean white walls, beautiful floors, and open concept kitchen makes this room seem huge!


Great place to relax!



Nice built ins…plenty of room for visitors!


Another great sleeping area


Great place to relax and watch the water

3 thoughts on “Beach Bungalow in Portsmouth Rhode Island

    • I followed this cottage around the web (and visited some real estate sites for cottages in portsmouth) and it didn’t show up as for sale nor for rent anywhere I visited…sorry I couldn’t be of more help!


  1. You know, I followed this cottage all around the web (and I visited some rental/real estate sites) and it never came up as being for sale or for rent on any of the sites visited…sorry I couldn’t be of more help…


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