Two 100 year old sheds=cozy cottage

Paige Morse, a Dallas, TX designer took two run down 100 year old sheds, put them together and created a wonderfully cozy cottage in her backyard!  Overall size is only 250 square feet but her design plan was about making it seem so much larger! Simply beautiful! Take a peek and for more information about Paige, visit her website.


Two dilapidated sheds are put together to become this cozy backyard getaway!


A lovely guest house was created right in her backyard!


Paige kept the color palette simple in order to not overwhelm a small space


Floor to ceiling windows provide ample light to make this small space feel open and airy


Love the cabinet!  Paige used as much vertical space as possible…the grouping of art makes everything tie together nicely


Love the ticking stripe sink skirt…a creative way to provide storage to the small space


Nice job Paige!

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