Ma Maison Logique’s Capia tiny house


This house is approximately 180 square feet but because of efficiencies in design…it feels a whole lot bigger!  Ma Maison Logique, which translates to “my logical house”, is a tiny house construction company in Kamouraska, Quebec owned by Pascal and Catherine.  They built this tiny house, named The Capia, in about 40 days, using locally sourced materials, and now use it for their second home.

The exterior was designed by Pascal, who made sure the home would be warm enough to withstand cold Canadian winters. The home is well insulated with triple-pane glass and a small, efficient wood burning stove which only needs kindling.  It can keep the home warm even in sub zero temperatures.

Catherine is an interior designer and filled the interior with cozy details but used colors and materials to make the 180 square feet seem so much bigger! Take a peek at this lovely little home!  And visit their Facebook Page for more information!


Nice size kitchen…bathroom with pocket door to save space…love the floors!


Nice size counter and sink…plenty of natural light!


Living area…also this space reconfigures for a guest bed and the seating opens up for storage as well…the dining room table folds down from the wall and there’s a full closet for their clothes…amazing use of space!


There’s also storage above the living area and again…plenty of natural light!


The front door opens to a deck large enough for a small table set to enhance the size of the space!


Beautiful sleeping loft! 


Windows on each side make the space feel light and airy!




Lovely little home!




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