The Shotgun House

Don’t you just love a shotgun house? A shotgun house typically has one room leading into the next without hallways. This style of house is particularly well suited for hot climates because one can open the front and back doors, and the breeze will flow through the entire house, and the porch provides shade for outdoor visiting. Shotgun architecture is now recognized as an African American contribution to American architectural styles.  It also is a great choice for those considering the cottage way of life!  Here are some wonderful shotgun houses!





Great Curb Appeal!


Classic New Orleans Shotgun House


Love the bold pink!


San Francisco Shotgun House


This shotgun house in Texas was renovated by Chip and Joanna Gaines on their HGTV show Fixer Upper…check out more photos here!


5 thoughts on “The Shotgun House

  1. I agree Debbi, this house is not for everyone! But it’d be great for a couple or a single person…in many of these houses there is loft space that could be used as an office, den, or even another bedroom. I too love the vivid colors and overall look of the style! Thanks for visiting!


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