The Katrina House

A Katrina Cottage is a small house permanent house, which is safe, affordable and can be assembled quickly. There are many designs for Katrina Cottages, to meet a range of needs. Katrina Cottages are safe and durable. Constructed with wood framing, steel framing or prefabricated foam-insulated panels, and are finished with fiber cement siding and a metal roof.




There are many uses for the Katrina House:

  • First and foremost…bringing hope to those who have lost everything and are a wonderful alternative to the FEMA trailer
  • Elderly Housing–putting a Katrina House in the backyard for aging parents allows seniors to maintain their independence but have family close by  It also adds value to the existing property.
  • Commercial Structures–many small businesses are using the Katrina House to keep overhead costs low and bring new business to a community
  • Grow House–many people who cannot afford a larger house can start with a set of plans for a Katrina House that allows for growth over time

There is an endless list of possibilities!  And a wide variety of plans to suit anyone’s needs.






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