Backyard Cottage for Mom

Found this lovely cottage on Backyard Cottage Blog…take a peek!

When Lisa and her family were looking for a new house they chose one with a great view and a plan, for her mother to relocate from North Dakota.  Their new house has a great view and a yard perfect for a backyard cottage where her mother, Sylvia, now lives.

A Backyard Cottage for Mom

Open spaces, high ceilings, and lots of windows to take in the view!

View for the loft

Small bedroom area…enough for a bed with storage

Cozy and efficient kitchen

Built-ins serve as a pantry

Love the ceiling beams!

A gas fireplace is the primary heat source. The landing for the loft stair doubles as a bench. The bench to the right of the fireplace features a hinged cover and provides extra storage.

Bathroom is off the bedroom

View of kitchen from bedroom

Love the loft! It could be used for a studio, office, or cozy space to read and relax!

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