The Porch Project

Followed these photos around the web and it turns out this is the work of a group of professionals in Roswell, GA with a dream of wanting to build a house that was “just enough”.  You can read about their dream over at The Porch Project.

We are passionate about design and creating community, and think building a home is a beautiful marriage of those things. The process and selections have been dedicated towards sustainability.  This is not about excess, this is about less of a house and more of a home, this is about enough.

Practically speaking this means that homes can be comfortable, functional and flexible, incorporate the know how of their regional heritage, include a potential workplace somewhere on site, enable occupants to age-in-place, have materials that use recycled components and materials to the extent feasible, be no larger than necessary to be livable and respond to orientation while not undermining the pedestrian frontage (Principles, New Urban Guild).

Here’s where they began…a wonderful lot, a circa 1940’s built house that they tried to salvage

And here’s where they ended up…

Love all the natural light!

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