Tanglewood Conservatories

This little structure was built as a conservatory that serves as a retreat off the main house. It has a stone fireplace, a wet bar, and a spa as well as a formal seating area.  But with it’s vaulted copper roof, the gabled entry and the transom styled roof windows…wouldn’t it make a lovely tiny home? It could definitely be my cottage dream!

Visit Tanglewood Conservatories for more about this and many other beautiful structures.

4 thoughts on “Tanglewood Conservatories

    • This post continues to get a great deal of attention and I am always searching for more interior shots! Even though this was designed as a conservatory, I just think it’d make a lovely small home…thanks for visiting, Rita!


  1. Hello! Thank you zurdesigns for showcasing one of our projects! We actually have done an interview with the client that takes you through the design and interior of this spa retreat. You can view that here: https://vimeo.com/121185324


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