A Cottage Worth Sticking Around For From This Old House

Found this wonderful cottage renovation on This Old House! The homeowners did a wonderful job despite the house being fraught with issues!

While redoing a 1920s cottage, homeowners Jeff and Ann Hoekstra, a husband-and-wife team, fought toxic fumes, a pest infestation—and a pressing deadline…

Together we redid plaster and pulled up carpeting to reveal oak floors. We enlarged the downstairs powder room and moved walls upstairs so that we could add a shower to the bath. We got pro help with electrical and plumbing upgrades, a new septic system, a well, and, of course, a new gas furnace.

Two years into the project, things were progressing at a steady pace when one day, Ann phoned me at work. “Sit own,” she said. “I’m pregnant.”

Within 48 hours, I pulled permits for the other big things we wanted to do, including adding a sitting porch and small foyer in the front and a mudroom in back. And oh yeah, a nursery.


The Dining Room Before…

After…A modern blend dining room

Before…nicely lit but a bit cramped!

Wonderful Vintage Style Kitchen with plenty of space!

To display the rolling pin collection!

Making room for a step down addition…

A really nice space to hang out…doubles as a mudroom complete with storage!

First Floor

Second Floor

Though Ann swears she will never again live in a house while remodeling it, the whole experience really bonded us to our first home. We see evidence of our work everywhere, from reclaimed-wood countertops to the shelves I built for a collection of vintage rolling pins that were given to us as wedding presents.

This house has so much of us in it, I don’t think we could ever leave. We’ll just keep adding to it.

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