Modified Katrina Cottage by GMF + Associates

My interest in Katrina Cottages continues, primarily because they represent help and relief for all the victims of Hurricane Katrina and were designed to be a bit more adequate shelter than the FEMA trailers used in many other disaster scenes.

Through devastating natural disasters and attacks of terrorism, we are a country that comes together and helps those impacted so they can begin the long process of healing so that they can start again.  Where our country is broken, becomes our strongest point and Katrina Cottages and the history behind them, to me anyway, symbolizes all that is good about America…in a time when that may not be as easy to find.

This Katrina Cottage by GMF + Associates was designed as a guest house and took the original plan and enhanced it with an eye toward expansion.  The first floor bedroom could be used as the living room which would allow for an open concept kitchen/dining room and there would still be two bedrooms upstairs.  Take a peek at this lovely little home!

Another example of a Katrina House…larger and built for interior expansion

Cozy living room…viewed from the stairs

Kitchen area was designed along one wall…there is one bedroom downstairs that could be the living room allowing for a dining room and expanded kitchen. Love the little farm sink and all the natural light!

Through the glass doors is the bedroom that could be used as a cozy living area so the kitchen area could be expanded. I love the positioning of the stairs for both looks and efficiency!

The stained glass window is a wonderful touch! Stairway leads to two bedrooms upstairs

Sweet bedroom! I love the old fashioned windows…this could also be a nice office or studio! I searched far and wide and couldn’t find pictures of the second bedroom…

Nice bathroom…I wish there was a picture of the stained glass window visible through the mirror!

The back porch and landscaping…very nice!

Katrina Cottage Original Plans

GMF + Associated Modified Katrina Cottage Floor Plan–First Floor

GMF + Associates revised Katrina Cottage Plans–Second Floor

Set among mature plantings…it’s just a lovely home!

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