Roca Residence in Ashland Oregon

Architect Carlos Delgado had his challenges constructing this tiny house including a lot size, solar shading, and flood elevation.  The house was contained to a 357 SF footprint.  So he built up!

With its main retaining wall buried below grade and the living area being situated on the lower level, natural heat transmittance was allowed to flow up the generous stairwell and percolate through interior awning windows into the master bedroom. The complete house arriving at only 664 SF created the overall heating needs to be met with a single 30K btu natural gas stove and ceiling fans. Summertime cooling takes advantage of the below grade wall as a thermal heat sink.

This small design worked perfectly with the owner’s intent to reduce her footprint on the earth.

Contractor: Jerry Nutter Construction

A 664 square feet two-level home with only a 357 square feet footprint in Ashland, Oregon. Designed by Carlos Delgado.







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