AGA Cooker

So one thing I know I want in my cottage is an AGA Cooker…so cool and it’s a work of art as well as a really great stove.  Found some examples over on The Sweet Elle Blog.  b2b18df4eb7b77a63f6d81a2973a2b86


The AGA cooker has a wonderful vintage appeal, but state of the art technology and fits in with any type of decorating style.


They may not be for everyone, but just like a lot things, feel it is worth the investment. Because of  AGA’s technology, the food cooks amazingly well. From quick stir-fries through to elaborate soufflés, the AGA excels at every style of cooking. AGA cakes are lighter, roast are more succulent, chips crunchier,  steaks are juicer and pizzas are always crisp to perfection. There is nothing the AGA cannot do and everything it does it does it better. It’s even a whizz at ready meals for those more hectic days.


The AGA treats food differently. It doesn’t blast food with drying direct heat. Instead, radiant heat from the cast iron ovens gently cooks food, locking in flavor, moisture and goodness.


How charming.

3-oven-duck-egg-blue-aga_roomset_new-badgeFor those that want to introduce a bit of color in the kitchen, the cookers come in 13 different colors.




Did you know that 70% of the AGA cooker is made from recyclable material?


There are so many wonderful recipes that are specific to the AGA cooker. Visit here for a collection of tasty dishes.


Here’s a little peek into the home of British hotel designer Kit Kemp and how this rounded and unusual space was transformed into one gorgeous kitchen.

Visit here for a full look into this charming space.

Elle Decor

All other images from

AGA Living


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