Micro House With Big Porch!

One Micro Home

I found this carefully designed home on the site of Crisp Architects–On the Drawing Board and it made me realize that all I really need is a really small house with a really big porch!  Enjoy!

View From Road

Many people I know are weary of the work required to maintain a large home and the headaches associated with coordinating that task.  Although the idea of living in a very compact home isn’t for everyone, there are certainly days around my house that make me fantasize about living in a home, which due to its size, limits the amount of work required to keep it in good shape.

Luckily we are often asked to design exactly that kind of house.  Sometimes these homes are meant as fully functioning guest houses, but occasionally they are a primary residence.  After designing a guest or pool house, we have had the owners tell us that they spend more time in the secondary structure than their main home.

One thing is for sure, we have a lot of fun designing these micro homes, and we get a plenty of feedback about how much fun they are to live in.

Porch View

Entry and Kitchen

Living Room

Bed Room

Bed Room Detail

Bathroom Detail


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