Little Rustic Cabin in Montana

Found this on Country Living

Located near Ennis, Montana, this picture-perfect little cabin is actually a guest house, one of four units on the 500-acre Double D Ranch compound (along with the main house, a horse cabin, and a fishing cabin). The ranch was designed by Miller Architects in collaboration with the ranch’s owners.

The so-called Swedish Guest House dates back to 1912. It was originally built by Swedish homesteaders, and while it has been disassembled and revitalized since, it was reconstructed with reclaimed materials as a nod to its simple country past.

While the one-bedroom cabin functions as a guest house at the ranch, we think it would be a perfect full-time residence for any tiny home lover. It features a cozy bedroom, a living area complete with a stone fireplace, a full kitchen with stainless-steel appliances, as well as a dining nook. Take a peek inside the home below:

Learn more about the project at Miller Architects.

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