Small Works Lane Cottage

From Smallworks in Vancouver, a wonderful little house!

It has a 400 square feet blueprint and comes with four different floor plans. The loft allows all downstairs room to serve as the living area. The Elegant Lane Cottage carries a modest price tag and those interested can contact the company for pricing.

The Elegant Lane Cottage has the same footprint and height as a standard garage, so there is no loss of backyard space or light.

The cottage is “functionally flexible” in that is can be used for guest room, revenue suite, more family space and of course, a full-time home.

The sleeping loft above bathroom area means full use of 400 s/ft main level as living space. High ceilings throughout makes the small house feel spacious

Diamond shaped clerestory windows high in the roof line maintain privacy while maximizing natural light

What’s great about this little cottage is the open feel mixed with its’ modern design. A home like this would be ideal for a couple that realizes the benefits of living in a small space.

If you would like to learn more about Smallworks and see more of their builds you can visit their website at

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