A Beautiful Mountain Cottage

        I found this cottage while visiting over at A Joyful Cottage…just had to share it will all of you!  Check out their regular feature “Living Large in Small Spaces” and watch the progress of their new home…667 square feet of course!
This cottage was designed by TKP Architects of Golden, Colorado, and won the 2012 “Architect’s Choice Award” from the AIA Denver and the Newman Award from the Institute for Classical Art and Architecture in 2013.
This 500 square foot cottage is located on a three-acre property, which includes a century-old miner’s cabin that TKP remodeled several years ago “for a contemporary lifestyle while retaining the aesthetic and the quirks of an old mountain homestead.”
Intended as a studio for creating custom jewelry, the mountain cottage doubles as guest quarters.
“This rustic mountain cottage replaced a deteriorating outbuilding. . .Stringent zoning requirements required the cottage’s location, its footprint, and its overall height match the existing structure. . .” ~ TKP Architects
“Lichen-covered boulders were used as the stone veneer so that the cottage seems to emerge from the site’s existing craggy rock outcrops.  A steeply pitched roof, appropriate to shed winter snow, would have been over the height limit, so the cottage was buried into the hillside, adding to its aged, organic appeal.  Windows in large dormers with copper roofs allow additional light into the cottage’s interior.” ~ TKP Architects
All photos are the property of TKP Architects

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