A Wonderful Cottage Makeover!

Before & After: Fixing Up an Old Cottage from the ’40s

Previously published on HOOKEDONHOUSES on SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

Amy's 1940s Bungalow Before Reno Gather & BuildThis is a whole-house makeover that really knocked my socks off. Amy says, “I bought a 1940s cottage loaded with charm and every bad thing: mold, asbestos, lead-based paint, and the ickiest paneling to ever grace a wall.” To say it needed a lot of work is an understatement. But take a look at it now…

Amy's 1940s Bungalow After Reno Gather & Build

So charming! But the outside was just the beginning. Here’s how uninviting the living room looked before:

Bungalow living room BEFORE

She installed double doors on either side of the fireplace where those small windows used to be, and the whole room looks a lot lighter and brighter now: “My builder and I designed them and took the drawing to a door maker. He built them for us and then painted/distressed them. They are functional and lead out to the side/front porch.”

Bungalow living room AFTER

She says, “When it comes to decorating, my style is influenced by vintage and repurposed trends. I like a little bit of history in my decor — something with a life of its own. A trend emerged in my flea market finds: I like tools — as in hammers and such. I like the idea of taking something that has been exceptionally useful and giving it an opportunity to be beautiful.”

Here’s an example — the vintage levels she hung on the wall:

antique levels hung on the living room wall

She stacked old tool boxes as a side table in the living room and stores Christmas decorations in them. Her dog Patsy Cline clearly approves:

living room after Gather & Build

She says this is her favorite room now, and I can see why!

Bungalow living room AFTER 2

Those floors are killing me. So beautiful.

Gather & Build dining area

Another room that needed a lot of attention: the kitchen. Here’s how it looked before:

bungalow kitchen BEFORE

And now, after being transformed:

bungalow kitchen AFTER 2

Amy knows what she’s doing. She works as a designer for Gather & Build, a boutique design and construction collaborative in Nashville, Tennessee.

bungalow kitchen AFTER

Her house made the cover of Refresh magazine’s premier issue over the summer, and she wrote a post for their blog about 5 Ways to Decorate with Vintage Tools.

cover of Refresh magazine

Some of these photos were taken by Jeff Herr for the magazine, which included this cool shot of her stairwell with clipboards hanging on the wall:

red door stairwell REFRESH magazine

Thanks to Amy for sharing her home renovation with us. Visit her blog Gather & Build to see how her bedroom and bathroom upstairs turned out! 

Amy's living room sofa


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