Great Cottage Inside and Out!

I have seen this cottage out there…and even did a blog post earlier on the floor plan…but this article I found on put an exterior face on this lovely interior!  I think this has everything I am looking for inside and out…even the chickens!

How much space do you need to live comfortably? Have you ever asked yourself this question? For homeowner Lyndsey Lewis, building an environmentally responsible small house was the best option for her. With less than 900 square feet, this small house seems to have space for everything and its low maintenance is a big plus for those who prefer spending less time cleaning.

When asked if building this small house was about space or environmental responsibility, Lyndsey has the right answer:  ” When it comes to environmental responsibility, I believe in living with what you actually need, not what people think you should have. I wouldn’t consider myself to be an extremist by any means, but I do think it’s important to be responsible.”

The house measures less than 900 square feet, has two small bedrooms, a loft and almost all the amenities we expect to see in a bigger house.


This foyer is small but has a lot to offer! The reclaimed panelling brings a rustic feel, while the Anthropologie wallpaper adds some charm.

With unfinished oak floors and wood-beams, this space not only offers coziness, but also interesting architectural details. The loft above the main area is used for overnight guests.


The cottage’s decor comes from flea markets and from the homeowner’s collection.

Breakfast Area

The eating area is great! Having a banquette saves you space and it also offers extra storage.


Isn’t it the cutest cottage kitchen ever? I love the hardware.

Granite countertops were salvaged from a building being renovated.


The island is mobile.


I love the colors and the open shelves.

Bitter Sweet


This bed offers storage and it’s perfect for a small space. I love the light fixture and the green ceiling.

Say “hello” to Mary Jean and Viginia! :-)

The patio area leads to a detached garage.


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