The Old Painted Cottage’s Cottage of the Month Feature!

Snowed in?  Well, grab a mug of something good and hot and head on over to The Old Painted Cottage Blog and take a look at their ongoing feature Cottage of the Month!  Here’s their premier post to get you started dated 2006.

So relax, sit back, and enter into A Cottage Dream!

Cottage of the Month-February '06

Welcome to our Premier Issue of Cottage of the Month!

Stepping inside Lisa’s charming home in Oak Lawn, Illinois, her home is best described as a comfortable 1940’s cottage. This is what Lisa describes as her “very casual dining room”. The walls are the color of cotton candy, the furniture is white, and all of her accents have shades of pink. To Lisa, it feels like heaven. No matter where your eyes settle, you will find something unexpected, such as a whitewashed shipping crate at the front door to catch the families belongings as they come in, and a 1930’s boy in a Genie turban sitting on the desk awaiting your wishes. Lisa says it’s a great place and it’s home.
Lisa’s decorating influence has been a work in progress. Her passion for decorating started many years ago with heavy Mary Engelbreit influences and then became more refined, like Rachel Ashwell. After many years of styling after others, she developed her own sense of what was right for her. Lisa loves color but appreciates what the color white does to ground everything. She also have a passion for pink china which became a starting point for her dining room.
Lisa is a self proclaimed thrift store and flea market junkie! She suggests using antique stores for ideas and getting a sense of what you like, but spend your money wisely and be creative. Lisa’s favorite shops for special treasures are Jackson Storage and Vintage Charm, both in LaGrange and Wellness House in Hinsdale.
As one of Lisa’s favorite displaying tricks, she suggests using an old painted china cabinet in your home and painting the inside the same color as your walls. There’s no better way to make your china or collections take center stage! Her favorite thing to collect right now? Old china with pink roses, and she just started a collection of small figurines of children, 1930’s – 1940’s. You can find Lisa’s latest treasures on eBay, under the user id pinkpaintandroses. -JG
(Photographs contributed by homeowner, article by Jennifer Grey, owner of The Old Painted Cottage)


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