2015 Top Decorating Trends From The Country Curtains Blog!

2015’s Top Decorating Trends and
How to Make Them Work
in Your Home

We’re less than a month away from 2015, and with a new year comes new home decor trends. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to update your decor without completely starting over—because who has the time or the budget for that?

These are the trends we’re going gaga over, along with a few tips on how to seamlessly incorporate them into your home.

Trend #1: Neutral Gray

Go for this trend if you love neutrals but need an update from all things taupe.

Decorating with this color is anything but drab. Here’s how to make it work in your home:

  • Keep it soft and sophisticated by combining gray with taupe, blue or yellow.
  • It’s versatile—gray can be mixed with either warm or cool tones in a room, and is the perfect backdrop for pops of color.
  • Gray’s metallic sibling, silver, continues to be a go-to choice for adding sparkle and sophistication.

12-8 Decorating Trends

Trend #2: Mixing Natural Patterns and Textures

Go for this trend if you love seeing nature reflected in your home.

Wood, woven surfaces and natural fabrics add a warm, homey look and feel to any room. Here’s how to mix this trend into your current décor:

  • Find inspiration from nature—incorporate shells, stones and birch branches into your room.
  • To add dimension, use texture instead of color. This is a bit of a shift from the current school of thought. For example, instead of using accent colors in a room, try working with accent textures and finishes. Think tweed, linen and even bamboo.
  • Harmonize textures by layering and repeating them in various ways throughout the room. For example, look at the layering of a natural rug underneath a classic rug in this room. The repetition of the linen blend fabric on the settee, combined with the linen curtain and the organic texture of the mirror frame, completes the look.

12-8 DEcorating Trends 02

Trend #3: Olive Green

Go for this trend if you’re looking for a big color update that will stand the test of time.

Olive green, while trendy for 2015, is also timeless, strong and sophisticated. Here are ways to bring it home:

  • Both inky blues (adjacent to green on the color wheel) and deeper maroons (opposite of green on the color wheel) complement this color beautifully.
  • Olive shades provide an excellent backdrop for neutral furnishings and accessories.
  • Gray, our go-to neutral of the moment, looks fantastic with olive green.
  • Olive pairs attractively with brass, oil-rubbed bronze and dark wood accents.
  • If you don’t want to fully commit to this color quite yet, incorporate it into decorative accents that are easily switched out

12-8 DEcorating Trends 03

Trend #4: Pastels

Go for this trend if you love color but prefer subtlety.

Of all the color types, pastels might be the most misunderstood. Although they have a reputation for being spring-like and even Easter-related, the pastels of 2015 will prove this wrong. Here’s how to work them into your style:

  • Pastel combinations such as soft green, butter yellow and peach work well together.
  • Pastels of all hues work beautifully with another of spring’s hottest trends—gray!
  • Pair pastels with pure white throughout the room to make the soft colors pop.
  • For maximum visual impact, we recommend using pastels as the accent in a room—lighting fixtures, textiles and wall art. If you do choose a pastel wall color, select white furnishings for the room.

12-8 Decorating Trends 04

Trend #5: Watercolor Florals

Go for this trend if traditional floral patterns aren’t your style and you love an artsy look.

This looser, more fluid interpretation of florals is extremely versatile and works with both traditional and modern decors. Watercolor florals can make any room look artistic and interesting. Regardless of your style, here’s how to make these lovely florals work with what you already have:

  • Look for larger-scale florals with soft, undefined edges-theyre a fresh take on this classically feminine décor motif.
  • Watercolor florals look stunning against white and cream.
  • Throw pillows are one of the easiest ways to incorporate these fresh florals into your current décor.

12-8 DEcorating Trends 05

Typically, we end the year yearning to hold on to the time that’s coming to a close. But these trends are so exciting that they’re overpowering our typical nostalgia. Bring on 2015!

What’s your favorite new trend? We’re tossed up between the watercolor florals and the natural patterns and textures. Let us know your favorite over on Facebook!

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